Your Book of the Month

Your Book of the Month is a fun and easy way to try new books! Fill out a reading profile form and get one book per month hand-picked for you by the book experts at the Coos Bay Public Library.

How It Works:

1. Tell us what you like.
Fill out your reading profile (.pdf) and our reading specialists will pick out a book for you to try each month—based on your personal reading tastes!

2. Get books hand-picked for you.
You will receive an e-mail or mailed notice each month letting you know that your selection is ready to pick up at the library.

3. Read.
You will get to keep your book for three weeks with up to two renewals (if there are no holds), just like other books you check out.

4. Repeat!
Complete the enclosed feedback form and return it with the book to help us improve our picks for next time. You can ask to revise your reading profile anytime to help us choose the right books for you.

To get started, ask for a reading profile at the library or download, print, and bring the completed profile with you on your next visit.

Your Book of the Month Profile (.pdf)