Book Sales

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Each year the Friends receives thousands of donated books and materials, which in turn resell to the public through on-line sales, honor library sales and two annual book sales. The profits benefit the Library and many books are donated to schools and other non-profit organizations. All books & materials are first screened by the Library.

Help us continue to offer the greatest selection of books at the best possible prices by donating your books using any of the following options:

* If you have a large number of books you may want to call first to see if we can offer any help with moving them. We will gladly accept donations Monday through Thursday 10 am-6 pm, Fridays 10 am-5 pm, Saturdays 12 noon to5 pm Please call 541-396-2166 ahead of time to make sure a volunteer will be there to help you.

* If you have a small number of books (one box or less), just drop them by the Library at the hours posted above.

* Please be patient.  We will move as quickly as we can.

* If you do not have a vehicle and have four boxes or more, call 396-2611 and we will arrange to have a volunteer contact you for a book pick up.

Helpful Tips

We accept good conditioned hardcover and paperback books in all subjects. We also accept cassettes, videotapes and CDs, which we sell on-line, at our honor sale in the hallway and at our Book Sales. We especially need large-print editions donated.

Even though they are difficult to sell, we will accept magazines of any almost any kind if in good shape, especially large print Reader’s Digest magazines. We will not accept Reader’s Digest Condensed Books, books in poor condition, marked in any way, underlined or with unreadable spines. Please do not donate any textbooks, travel books or computer books older than three years.

We will be glad to give you a receipt for your donation, however we do not evaluate the books and you are responsible for estimating the value for deductions.