Coquille Public Library Volunteer Guidelines

The Coquille Public Library appreciates your interest in supporting your library and your community by offering your services as a volunteer. Volunteers help staff provide quality services, advocate for the library in the community and support the library’s overall mission to meet the educational, informational, recreational and cultural needs of the people of Coos County.

Who is a volunteer?

  • Volunteers are persons who perform duties or tasks for the library without remuneration or benefits.
  • Volunteers supplement and do not replace the work of staff.
  • The volunteers described in this policy are separate from the Friends of the Library volunteers who are governed by their own policies.
  • Volunteers must be at least 12 years of age.
  • Types of volunteers:
    • Volunteer at large (youth or adult)
    • Student intern (Volunteers working to fulfill an academic or youth group requirement)
    • Court ordered (non-violent offenders only)

Volunteer tasks

Volunteers work directly with library and will receive training and/or instructions regarding the specific tasks they are assigned. Individuals must be motivated and able to work unsupervised.

Examples of library volunteer work:

  • Shelving resources
  • Processing materials for circulation
  • Helping with programs & fundraising events
  • Public relations & marketing
  • Computer assistance during classes & lab hours
  • Shelf reading & organizing
  • Weeding
  • Helping create and distribute the newsletter (4 times a year)
  • Help organize the book & magazine sales areas
  • Recycling

Becoming a volunteer

  • All volunteers under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian signature on their application.
  • Both the volunteer and the library can terminate their association at any time for any reason with or without cause being stated.

Volunteer Guidelines

  • All volunteers represent the library and shall conduct themselves in an appropriate manner when carrying out their duties.
  • The library does not have a secure storage location for personal items and cannot be responsible for loss or theft of valuables. Please leave all valuable articles at home when volunteering.
  • Nothing in this policy creates a contract between the volunteer and the library or the city of Coquille.
  • All volunteers will be assigned one primary staff member to guide them in their work, however, all staff members may offer guidance to any of the volunteers
  • Volunteers who need (or want) their hours logged are responsible for ensuring their hours of service are recorded in the volunteer log book at the desk and signed off on by the appropriate staff member.

Looking for more volunteer opportunities?

Why not become a Friend of the Library? The Friends of the Coquille Library Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening and promoting our library services.